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Afghanistan Women, Peace and Security Initiative

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AWPSI is a network of women civil society leaders working together to advance women’s rights and regional/local peace in Afghanistan. AFWT through this project amplifies the voices of conflict-affected women in order to address the interlinked issues of peace and justice, governance and security, within the context of growing militarization in Afghanistan.

WPS Course:

AFWT have identified gaps in understanding of issues related to women, peace and security (WPS); and the need for information dissemination and perspective building among students and civil society actors in Afghanistan.

The WPS course is a flagship course of AFWT where the selected participants have the opportunity to interact with and be mentored by women peace practitioners, feminist law professionals and eminent activists from South Asia and the world. The course will provide a platform for participants from diverse South Asian backgrounds to interact with each other, thereby enriching and deepening their understanding of the issues discussed in the course. AWFT is confident that this course will inspire and provide directions to the participants to continue their engagement in the field of women, peace, and security.

In the first cycle which is scheduled for December 2022, we aim to select 50 participants from among the applicants, based on the quality of their applications. This is with the objective of ensuring deeper interactions during the sessions of the course.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the course are:

  • Gender-inclusive understanding of peacebuilding and peacekeeping: South Asian perspectives.
  • Mapping conflicts and gender: case studies from South Asia:
  • Feminist perspectives on justice and reparations:
  • State security & human security; and
  • Feminist Insights: Women leaders in peace movements and their agenda.